Virtual Support Group 

The loss of a loved one to suicide or by overdose is a devastating trauma for those left behind. It makes everyday life extremely difficult after this traumatic loss. Individuals left behind by a loved one's suicide or overdose, are at a higher risk for suicide and other mental health issues. The stigmas around suicide and death by overdose can be very isolating, leaving survivors feeling without support or resources. 


"After I lost my husband to suicide, finding resources and support for my daughter and I was extremely difficult and stigmatizing. Keep Growing is a community that understands this pain. Groups are facilitated by peer support specialist that have lived experience with these types of loss and provide a community that supports your growth".

- Kristen Morris-Yehiel Founder of PHH



  • Group offering will run bi-weekly starting Friday January 14th, 2022, from 12pm-1pm

  • Groups are free and held on Zoom. register free and we'll email you group dates and Zoom lin.



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